About me

I study Math, Computer Science, and Psychology at Georgia Tech, with a general focus to understand the brain with computational approach. Currently, I am a Guest Researcher at the Center for Computational Neuroscience at Simons Foundation. I remotely continue my summer work with Dr. Sueyeon Chung and Dr. Jenelle Feather on studying the role of stochasticity in both ventral visual stream and its computational model, vision ANN’s. Back at Georgia Tech, I work with Prof. Anqi Wu on using generative probabilistic models for neural latent discovery/alignment. Previously, I have been very fortunate to work in Prof. Eva Dyer’s group on topics also lie in the intersection of machine learning and neuroscience.

Apart from academic life, I enjoy reading, playing table tennis and soccer, and listening to classical music and jazz.


  • [Sep. 2023] Our paper “Extraction and Recovery of Spatio-Temporal Structure in Latent Dynamics Alignment with Diffusion Model” is accepted to NeurIPS 2023 as a spotlight (top 3%)!
  • [Sep. 2023] Started as a Guest Researcher to continue our summer research. Also excited to continue our project on identifiable VAE for neural latent discovery!
  • [May. 2023] Posted our arxiv preprint on using Denoising Diffusion Models for neural latent alignment.
  • [Mar. 2023] Started my research internship at Simons Foundation’s Center for Computational Neuroscience. I will be joining Dr. Sueyeon Chung’s group.
  • [Apr. 2022] Awarded President’s Undergraduate Research Award to continue my research on identifiable VAE in Summer 2022.